Friday, April 10, 2015

Day 49: Traditional Dance group party

As a typical Thursday, I got to sleep in a bit, and then woke up, went to the PC cafe, and played games with Joe and his friends for a bit.  Just nice to keep in contact with everyone back home.  Went out, had a late lunch/early dinner, did my Korean homework, and then went to class.  We learned the two number systems today (TWO.  ALL NUMBERS HAVE TWO WAYS OF BEING SAID), and practiced them.  The teacher actually taught us two drinking games that just involve counting, and we practiced those (sans drinking, of course).

Towards the end of class, my glasses broke, so I was mostly dealing with that instead of paying attention.  Apparently a screw fell out and I couldn't find it so the whole side kept falling off.  I went to a glasses shop and they didn't have the right sized screw, went to another one a few buildings down, and they fixed it!  He said it's not the correct screw so to find a place that has my brand of glasses in, but it works so I don't care if it looks slightly different.  Went out shopping to buy some little things I needed (mending kit, erasers, etc) and went back home.

I really wasn't feeling well and didn't want to go out, and was thinking about just, not going to the drum/dance group.  I decided I'd go if they texted me, which they did.  And I'm glad I went :)  It was really fun!  It was kind of a party/orientation for new members with all of the senior members there.  New members had to dress up in the dance costume and there was a greeting thing that involved a lot of yelling in Korean - honestly I was really confused the whole time.  When it was my turn to stand up and do the yelling call thing, I managed to convince another kid to help me out.  So, I put my hands up to my mouth like I was yelling (like they did) and didn't say anything, but the other guy yelled for me.  They laughed, so that was nice :)  We also had to show off a dance or singing talent, so I just did a bit of crypt walking that I learned for drumline last year, which they thought was cool.

Wearing the uniform

Afterwards, new members had to empty a bottle of makgeolli (a kind of white rice alcohol?) into a bowl and drink the whole thing in one go.  I had already told one member (the one translating most things for me) how I don't like getting drunk if I don't know everyone, so they let me just do a few shots in the bowl, so that was nice.  New members also had to draw caricatures of another new member - I feel soo bad for the girl I drew, I did awful.  I mean, they were all awful, but mine moreso than everyone else's. They then cooked in the club room (some sort of pork - we couldn't get a good translation) and we drank and talked and it was such a fun night.  I talked about games with a lot of people, and just tried to converse with my non existent Korean and most member's choppy English.  One guy went through my Korean/English flashcards on my phone with me - we managed to get most of them between the two of us :P

I stood in front of the one I drew, it was too bad

Left with everyone around midnight or so, got a kebab from the street vendor (who's really nice, we talk a bit now), skyped a bit, and then went to bed.  Fun day :)

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