Friday, May 8, 2015

Day 77: Studying

Day 77: Thursday, May 7

Didn't game today! which is a first for Thursday's in a long while.  Just got up, skyped, and studied all day.  Met up with a classmate to compare answers for finance (what I studied all morning), and then I shifted gears and switched to studying Korean.  In Korean class, oh boy, I'm glad I didn't miss.  We learned more grammar that was super confusing, and none of us could figure out the difference between subject and topic and half the class is explaining it to friends in English or Spanish or Chinese and then the teacher is speaking Korean and some people tried asking questions in Korean or just resorted to English, and honestly that was the whole 75 minutes.  I feel bad for everyone that missed.

Went shopping quick, got some food, and then back home and studied until like 2am.  Finance is so confusing :< Especially when the variables for curves and things are different here than at home simply because of different notation standards, but ugh.  Probably 10 different letters as variables in curves and no numbers :< So glad I never need to do Econ after I get, you know, a degree in it :P

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