Saturday, May 9, 2015

Day 79: Shopping!

Slept in, which was super nice.  I love the feeling of not waking up to an alarm.  Called people and played games most of the morning, just took it slow.  It was really nice weather out, so I decided to go to Dongdaemun and do some shopping.  I've been meaning to start updating my wardrobe when I'm here but I never was in the mood to shop.  But today it was nice!  I got a sweater I saw over a month ago and wanted to think about spending the money on, got a few other shirts - I don't even attempt to buy jeans here because I feel like there would be none in my size in any way.

It was a great day; nice weather outside, saw song live singers around the shopping area, ate at vendors in the area, and just got outside.  Came back to the dorm, cleaned up my closet (it's been pretty bad...), starting packing stuff I want my mom to take home for me (one week till her and my brother come!!), and then cleaned my desk.  Pretty productive night.  Now to shower and sleep so I can get some studying done tomorrow!

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