Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 92: Coex Mall

Friday, May 22

Slept in and it was glorious - I don't think any of us were up before 11am.  Got Dunkin (all day every day in my life), and then decided we wanted to go to the COEX mall which was only two stops away.  It's a bit like MoA - lots of shops, an aquarium and movie theater, places to eat, etc, but the feel was really different.  The halls were spacious, the shops had some space between them, and there were very few kiosk vendors (maybe only like 2 phone ones in the middle).  But, it was fun.

We went to a few shops together before deciding to go see the movie "Spy" together.  We could buy beer in bring it in the theater (like in Belgium!) so that was super fun.  And just the waiting area before we could go into the theater was nice - huge wooden steps with these bunny chairs to sit on, music playing - just nice.  The movie was really good, though a bit loud.  And just watching all the Korean commercials beforehand was funny too.

Afterwards, we were pretty hungry again, so we went to a fancy Italian place to eat.  It wasn't that spendy, but the food was well plated and sized, and we got little chips to turn in for a dessert (and there was a variety).  I got tiramisu, which also reminded me of Belgium because the first time I had it was there.  Then we split up for a few hours to just walk around and shop.  None of us really bought anything, but it was fun to look.  I found Kyle, and we couldn't find mom for a while.  We ended up getting a drink so we could be refreshed when we were looking around for her, and it ended up she texted me so we found her right away.

Went back to the hotel, we all took our turns using the jacuzzi and sauna, and just watched baseball and got pizza to munch on.

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