Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 88: Namsan Tower

Monday, May 18

We met up for breakfast (Dunkin'), but basically took a much needed sleep in on Monday morning.  I went to my game theory lesson, and met mom and Kyle on campus after it.  It's the school festival this weekend so a bunch of activities are going on around campus so we checked those out, and then went for a lunch that none of us were hungry enough for.  Kyle walked me to Korean, I did that, and then he picked me up.  Then, we got my camera, met mom, and went off to Namsan tower.  We didn't exactly know the way there, so we ended up detouring a bit, going through a little traditional village, etc.

Lots of walking basically.  Walked up and basically back down a hill to find the cable car up the mountain, and then walked up more steps to get to the tower itself, where we had to pay for tickets to go to the top.  It was worth it; just a great view and a traditional touristy thing.  Had Coldstone icecream there too which was fun.  We took the cable car back down and decided to get a taxi instead of walking back to the subway (it took us probably over an hour of walking to get to the cable car the way we went).  Well, he totally ripped us off (foreigners + tourist area + the three of us not communicating about how to counteract that), but it was worth it to get back to Anam and for them to see how crazy people drive in Korea.  We went to a different Korean BBQ place, which was nice, and then bedtime.

Locks at the tower

View from the top

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