Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day 72: Drum Concert!

Day 72: Saturday, May 2

Woke up early and met everyone at the club room.  We went on the room to practice a bit (around 930 am) and then someone that lived nearby came up on the roof to tell us to be quiet and stop practicing, so that was a bummer.  Grabbed a uniform, and then we went and practiced a bit outside by the front door of the club building, but not too loud.

Grabbed our stuff again, bought some white socks (apparently we needed those...) and then we took the subway to where the performance was!  It was pretty funny, just a bunch of us with drums chilling out in the station and on the subway itself.  People on the subway weren't too amused though, since we took up so much space.

Waiting at the subway; all of us were on our phones
Got to Gwanghwamun for the performance and it was so much bigger than I thought it would be!  Apparently it's actually a bigger festival.  We put our stuff down in the tent they gave us, ate food someone in the club prepared, and then did a walkthrough of the stage to figure out where we would sit and enter/exit the stage.  It was just a nice area, super fun.

Then, at 2pm we did our performance!  There were parts that definitely could have gone better and the microphones didn't work too well, but it was so much fun!  Apparently they kept saying "foreigner" when introducing our group, I'm guessing I was the only non-Korean performing in the festivities that day :P  It was just nice!  We had a few different "acts", and it was just really interesting to see with the full costumes.  If I can find a video I'm definitely going to put it up.

I'm on stage!

Mask dance
Afterwards, we just relaxed a bit, people talked with their families, and then packed up to go back to Anam.  A few people decided the subway was too annoying (we had to transfer lines and when you're carrying a lot it's annoying) so we took a bus instead; my first time taking a bus here!  It was cool, but man when it's warm and you're on a bus and it's in traffic it doesn't put you in a good mood.

Back at the club room, we put down our stuff, relaxed for a few minutes, and then went to get some icecream to celebrate a performance well done.  It was nice, just getting to hang out with people.  I'm so glad they're willing to include me in everything, even though I don't speak much Korean.  After that we parted ways - I just went back to the dorm, showered, and ate.  It was pretty late by then, so I just did some reading before going to bed.

Also, more pictures!

I just think I look really happy here

The group!

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