Monday, May 11, 2015

Day 81: Hanging out

Had a pretty bad night of sleeping, so I wasn't in that good of a mood all morning.  Went to game theory and he spoke in English (yes!) but his handwriting was horrendous and basically the whole class was math-y but I couldn't understand what he was writing.  Gonna have to look up that stuff on my own... Went back to the dorm for a bit, studied, and then went to Korean.  Hard to concentrate - I think the rain and just amount of people who skipped today made it hard.  Just chatted with people.

Afterwards, a friend from class and I went to get Korean BBQ, played some games and then parted ways.  Back at the dorm, it was pretty late by then so just went online for a bit, did a bit of studying, and now time for bed.  I definitely need to do laundry tomorrow...

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