Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 83: Sogang Uni Mask Dance!

Long day - woke up early for Finance class, did some studying and relaxing, and then game theory.  Both classes went pretty well actually, so that was nice, but tiring from how much we learned.  Went to Korean class, we learned some confusing things so I definitely need to start studying more.  Then, went to the drum club since it was Wednesday.  Got there and they asked if I could go to Sogang Uni (another school) to watch their mask dance performance.  I said sure since I thought it was close.

It was probably around half an hour, which I was not expecting.  Had to walk a bit to get to the school, but it was really fun!  They had a nice outdoor setup (but the sound levels were horrendous and I wish I would have brought my earplugs with), and they did a really good performance.  At one point the person who I assume was playing a court jester left the stage and interacted with the audience (while mic'd, he was the main focus).  And, just my luck, he came to me.  I had to have the other club members translate for me so I could answer his questions :P

Afterwards, we went and talked with their club (for good relations?  I have no idea, I just followed) and some of them seemed really surprised I was part of the club.  And then the best part - one of the guys in their club RECOGNIZED ME!  He saw our performance a few weekends back and remembered my face - he said he saw me when he was on stage and was trying to remember why he recognized me.  So that was really cool :)

There were some girls from a woman's university close by (I assume also traditional dance members from there, but honestly I had no idea what was going on) and we all went out drinking around 9 or so.  It was so much fun!  Most of the members from Sogang showed up, and we mixed up so we weren't sitting by members of our own club (or as much as we could) so I just got to talk to new people all night (which I really love doing with musicians, it's just so easy for me to talk to them).  I had a blast, we drank too much, and by around 1215 only two other members of my club were still there.  We decided to leave to try to get the last subway, which didn't work, so the three of us pooled and got a taxi back to school.

Got a giant gatorade and then just fell straight asleep.  A bed never felt so nice.

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