Friday, May 8, 2015

Day 78: Finally caught back up!

Oh man, finally posting it on the night of again!  Crazy that I got that far behind...

Anyway, got up at 730, studied in bed for an hour, got dressed, bought a milk and breakfast, and went to the exam.  Aaaand then I remembered that they start the exam 20 minutes after class is scheduled to start so people can study -_-  I studied a bit - googled things on my phone - but really I felt as prepared as I was going to be and I didn't want to confuse myself, so I mostly just chatted with people online.

Got the exam and IT WAS SO EASY.  Like, he chose some of the easiest questions for the 4 that were on the exam.  Like, one was about something I learned about last semester (though I don't know how well I explained it; he asked about a segment that is always glossed over as you usually only examine what countries choose instead of what each thing means), a question that could be answered in one sentence, a "make up an interesting question relating to international finance and say why it's interesting" (didn't even have to explain the answer like we did in the homework!) and then another one sentence answer question.  I wrote a lot of all of them because it just seemed too easy, but even after doing that I was done in 20 minutes (we're given 50).  The TA seemed confused when I turned it in - I've been told that usually here people take the entire time given for exams, which seems silly to me.

Anyway, went to mail my letters, and then decided to get a haircut since it was getting long on the sides.  Not exactly what I wanted, but for the lack of understanding each other, it went way better than last time.  The wash they give you with the haircut is divine too, my hair was so light and fluffy after.  And the scalp/neck massage.  So good!  It made me realize I hadn't done acupuncture in a while since my neck was so tight.

Back home, talked with people a bit, napped a bit, and then went to get my acupuncture.  Instead of getting it in my back/shoulder, I got it directly on the neck this time.  Oh. My. Goodness.  It was amazing.  I've seriously never had my neck feel this relaxed before, it's just wonderful.  It'll probably go back to how it was in a week, but man it feels so nice now.  I really just went home and slept because I was so relaxed after that.  Woke up, bought some things online, messed around on the internet, played some DS games, and napped more.  Now gonna shower and go to bed before 1130 and sleep without an alarm!

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