Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 93: Royal Tombs

Saturday, May 23

Woke up, got Dunkin and ate it back at the hotel.  We all lazed around for quite some time, before we decided we should actually do something their last full day here.  So, we went for a walk down to the royal tombs!  It was only about a 10 minute walk away (or one subway stop, but we walked since they zero'd out their transit cards), but then we went the wrong direction and walked the whoooole way around the park.  Mom was not happy with us.

But finally, we got in (just about $1 each!).  It was really nice - lots of nature and benches, and of course the tombs.  Walked around inside for a bit, got some pictures, and then went to get something to drink.  It was pretty refreshing, so we stopped and did some more window shopping on our way back to the hotel.  We split up - Kyle bought his own room for the night in a different hotel, so we all would have our own beds for one night.  So he moved there, and mom and I each took a turn in the jacuzzi (that's a luxury I can't wait to have), napped, and met up with Kyle for dinner.  We decided to have Korean BBQ one last time.

Royal Tomb
It. Was. So. Bad.  The food was horrible and overpriced, and the lady running it was just rude.  She wouldn't let us cook our own food, kept putting things on and kinda yelling at us to eat, and giving us the stink eye the whole time.  And honestly the food was horrible, it just was such a bad way to end it.  It did give us a story, but I would have rather had good food :P  Though 1/5 isn't bad, and that's really only the second time we had anything bad happen on the trip (besides the taxi driver).

Everyone went back to their rooms for the night.  Mom and I watched the "Dark Knight Rises" on TV and some baseball, and then just went to bed.

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