Saturday, May 23, 2015

Day 91: Insa-Dong and REAL HOTEL

Thursday, May 21

Woke up, met the fam at Dunkin', and we went to Insa-dong!  Got a lot of shopping done and most of our souvenirs bought.  I spent too much money on myself (bought a nice tea cup and a paper lamp that was gorgeous), but it was fun.  Went back to the hostel, mom and Kyle packed up everything and I went and packed a few days worth of clothes, and off we went to our REAL HOTEL.

I don't think I've mentioned here the horrid size of the hostel.  Barely big enough for the bed, apparently the beds themselves were super lumpy and hard to sleep on, and it just wasn't a good time.  Kyle said if he was an inch taller he couldn't fit on the bed, because he'd be too long and it was too think to even curl up.

So, we took all our luggage and took a subway to Gangnam where our hotel was.  We got a bit lost walking with all our luggage, so we had to ask for directions.  The guy was so nice - probably a business man, he was in a nice suit and was getting into a really nice car when I asked - and he googled it and then asked people down the street to help us too.  We found it and realized we accidentally booked a one-bed room.  Apparently "double" meant size of the bed and not that there were 2 beds.  We just bit the bullet and and upgraded to a two bed deluxe room and IT'S SO NICE.  Sauna/shower, jacuzzi, toilet with a bidet, two great beds, computer in room (what I'm catching up on), and a huge TV.  The jacuzzi is honestly the size of their hostel rooms.

We got KFC for dinner (SURPRISE!) and then Kyle and I went out drinking so mom could use the jacuzzi (it's all one room; the TV wall kind of blocks the jacuzzi but if you move a foot to the side you can see who's in there).  That was fun, had some beers and nachos and just chatted.  Bought a beer to drink at the hotel so mom could sleep (she had to let us back in the room) and drank part of it in the sauna.  Then just laid down and slept.

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