Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 108: Movie!

Sunday, June 7

Nothing too much of note in the morning, just slept in, relaxed, did some studying, did some skyping - the usual.  Made plans to meet my friend around 6 at the PC cafe, and took a nap until then.  We met up and took the subway to a different station, where we went to the movie theater!  Since you can bring in your own food, we stopped at a candy stall in the mall and got a bunch of snacks and sweet things to bring in.

We got our tickets and got soda, which was really funny.  It's SO cheap for concessions here compared to the US, and the soda was the size of probably a US medium for a movie theater, but the cover has two slots for straws, showing they think it's a sharing size here :P  We watched Mad Max, which was super fun.  Just a good action movie.

Took the subway back to Anam, and then wen to the PC cafe for games until midnight.  Well, I left then, my friend stayed :P  Did a few quick things online and then went to bed.

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