Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Day 102: Korean Speech!

Monday, June 1

I'M FINALLY CAUGHT UP!  Sorry to anyone reading about how far behind I got - it just snowballed and I couldn't get myself to catch up for some reason.

Anyway, woke up before my alarm (whoo!) and practiced my speech gave.  Skyped, gave my speech to Joe even though he doesn't know Korean, and then gamed.  After a game or two, worked on my speech more.  There were just a few words I was having trouble memorizing.  Went to game theory, almost fell asleep like usual.  SO CLOSE to being done with that class.  I can't wait.

Worked on my speech more and then went to Korean.  The girl who went before me was really quiet, so I tried to be loud enough for mine.  I felt like I was stuttering and shaking a bit (it's hard to memorize things! if we looked at a notecard we got docked points), but it went well.  I got a few laughs during it, especially when I said I didn't study Korean :P

Besides that, class was good.  Went and got some food after, relaxed, played games, and got a little bit of work done on my finance homework.  Should have done more but I was tired, so I just went to bed.

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