Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 113: Studying

Friday, June 12

Slept in a bit which was nice, and was going to study when I realized how hungry I was.  Met a friend and ate at a traditional Korean restaurant - the type where you sit on the ground.  It was really fun, we had no idea what we ordered or how to eat it, so we had to keep asking the waitress to help us out :P  It ended up being really good though, and it was nice to just relax and talk.

Went back to the dorm, studied game theory, napped, studied Korean, played some games, studied more.  Didn't get as far into game theory as I would have liked, but I was pretty tired.  But definitely planning on studying all weekend - just a few days and I'll be done with all my undergraduate classes*!

* Assuming I pass all of the classes

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