Friday, June 19, 2015

Day 119: Gyeongbokgung Palace

Thursday, June 18

Slept in, no alarm, which was GLORIOUS.  My roommate did the same so neither of us got out of bed/disturbed each other until past noon.  It felt great to sleep in that much.  I was super hungry when I got up so I went to Dos Mas (the Chipotle ripoff that's not near as good) and ate a burrito.  So soon I can have Chiptole again!

Then, took the subway and went back to Gyeongbokgung Palace, the first palace I visited when I was here.  It was nice to see it when it was green and warm and just nice.  Got a fresh strawberry juice there which was really good.  Afterwards, walked around for a while, shopped a bit, and just relaxed.  Tried to buy souvenirs in Insa-dong but then I just felt sick.  I think it was a combination of heat, not enough food, not enough water, and just my body letting out all my stress from the semester.  It was super hard to make it back to Anam without getting sick.

Got a juice back at Anam station since I needed to sit before going up the hill.  Had fresh watermelon juice.  I really love the juice culture here - just throw some ice and fresh fruit in a blender and get a wonderfully refreshing glass of any sort of fruit or veggie.  Went to the dorm, laid down for a while, ate, and then started my laundry.  Luckily I just beat the rush, though someone did open my dryer when it was running so I had to pay for it again since it didn't finish drying.  Then, packed up all my stuff.  Figured out what outfits I'm wearing on the plane and these last few days, what I'm wearing my first few days home, and just packed it all up.  My main suitcase (aka the one with wheels) is  juuust under the weight limit, and my duffel bag is much, much lighter.

Then, just skyped a bit, relaxed a bit, and went to bed.

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