Friday, June 10, 2011

I hate visas.


After researching how to get a visa online, it started to sound like I needed to go to New York, which just seems completely ridiculous.  So, I called the honorary consulate in St. Paul - no answer.  I went to the building where the honorary consulate was, during office hours - no answer, and the door was locked.  I could see someone inside, so I called again.  This time, she picked up, and when I asked if I had to go to New York for the visa, she simply said "Yes", and hung up.

Fast forward a week or two.  After telling the padre about this, he told me to schedule a meeting with her.  So, I did, and when I went to the meeting, she said I was filling out the wrong form (even though it says long term visa on the top), but that I didn't need to go to New York.  Obviously, now I'm having trouble believing basically anything she says, because it seems like every time I talk to her (if I can get a hold of her), it changes.

Anyway, as you can probably tell, the visa process isn't going that well.  Besides that, I haven't learned too much more.  My first family does indeed live in Lille.  I'll have a sister (until she leaves on her exchange), a brother, and another exchange student living with me!  The other exchangee, Marcela, seems soo nice.

That's basically all I've learned between the last entry and now.  I still don't have my travel dates - I emailed my travel rep, so hopefully I can arrive in Brussels the same day and time as Marcela (August 7 in the evening), so the family doesn't need to travel twice.  So, hopefully two months from now I'll be in Belgium.  I honestly cannot wait to get out of here.

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