Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 359

Dinsdag, 31 Juli 2012

Last day of July, last fanfare rehearsal - what is this?!

Woke up early to get the train to Genk.  Hung out with Ben, had lunch, did a little bit of shopping.  Didn't feel the greatest, so I went home pretty early to sleep before the fanfare.  And oh god, the fanfare.  I was so close to crying the whole night.  Someone did a little thing at the end, basically saying how all good things have to come to an end and that they'd miss me.  Almost lost it there.

But yeah, last fanfare night, which meant I stayed late.  I also got a lot of free drinks, which probably wasn't for the best - we'll just leave it at that :P  I'm going to miss that group so so so so much.  I didn't want to leave because that meant it would be over.  It can't be over, I still remember the first time I actually rehearsed with them and felt SO awkward standing with everyone, trying to hide the fact I wasn't drinking, and trying to get out of it quickly because I felt so out of place.  Now, that is my place.  If there was ever a reason I couldn't live in the US, I'd move to Lille in a heartbeat.  I think I just need to get rich and get a vacation house there :)

So yeah, sad night.  It can't be over.  It's too soon, I can't leave them :(

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