Sunday, February 22, 2015

Day 3: Buying Sheets

Of course again, I woke up much earlier than I intended.  And, that meant it was early afternoon in America so I was able to skype Joe for a while, which turned into his friend sharing screens with me in google hangout so that I could play video games with them all online.  It was an absolutely wonderful start to the day, being able to hang out like that.

My roommates had woken up by then, and the four of us decided to go out again.  We stopped to get breakfast and then walked around the school's campus a bit.  There, we ran into a few other groups of foreign students who were also wandering around, which was really nice.  We spent a fair amount of time trying to find our way back to the dorms, but in the end we managed it.

Chilled in the dorms for a while more, Heidi, Jasmine and I decided to go out shopping again.  We stopped to get some lunch at a Japanese style restaurant which was really nice - it's so much food though!

Only $6!
We stopped at a small store that carries lots of knickknacks, and a large collection of stuffed animals which seriously had me tempted - $35 to $45 for a giant stuffed bear sounds like a great deal to me~  After that, we decided to try to find a store that sold sheets, as Heidi and I both are unimpressed with the quality of the bedding we rented (Jasmine has her own with, which I'm super jealous about).  Sofia had said there was a "Home Plus" by a different subway station, and that they sold sheets.

So, off we went on the subway.  We went the correct way and got off the subway and the store was no where in sight.  We wandered, nothing.  Searching it on the smartphone was of little help.  I ended up asking a worker in the subway station how to get to it (after being coached on how to properly ask it in Korean).  He responded in broken English, so we got lost again before finding the store.  And you know what?  Closed.

So after that completely productive trip, we went back to our city.  Heidi went back to the dorm while Jasmine and I hit up the dollar store again.  I think I'm finally getting close to having everything I need to live comfortably, or at least I hope so because I've already spent a fair amount of cash on things.  I went back to the dorm alone, stopping at a convenience store to grab some ramen and snacks for dinner.
Of course, seeing as how I decided to plan ahead for dinner, that meant my body wasn't going to play along. At barely 830 at night I'm already turning in for bed.  I guess this means I'll be getting up early tomorrow too...

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