Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 5: Bureaucracy

Second day of orientation.  Woke up a bit early for it (thankfully not as early as I have been), and then merged with a group of students going down to the orientation.  It was essentially 2 hours of them teaching us how to do paperwork.  Oh my goodness it was bad.  There were so many forms, all of which were in Korean, which is understandable.  They had a powerpoint that was supposed to help us figure out the sheets, but I swear it was one of the most confusing things ever.  Not to mention the fact the presenter kept flipping between then so even if you managed to decipher what it was trying to say, you still couldn't fill in anything because he'd change the slide and you wouldn't know what to fill in.

The buddies helped out, but it was just a stressed event overall.  So many papers were signed and dated and signed again and it was just a giant mess.  Afterwards, we had to sit around for like 40 minutes until lunch, so that was a pretty big waste of time.  We didn't do anything during that time, everyone basically sat on their phones because we weren't supposed to leave.  After lunch, Jaemin took Sam, Fuka and I to the school store, and then to the post office.  I couldn't just buy international stamps; apparently they have to weigh all the letters so I'll have to go back later.

After that, I just went back up to my room to chill out for a while.  I didn't really trust myself to sleep, so I just read things online.  At 545 I met my group on campus before we all went out for beer and chicken.  It was actually a pretty fun time, just talking to people in the group and hanging out.  We were taught a few different drinking games but not everyone could get a handle on them so we didn't play them for that long.  Then it was just sitting at the restaurant, trying to talk to talk to people around me over the loudness of everyone else talking and yelling.

The whole group left the restaurant at like 830, and went off to another bar.  Jo (Hong Kong) and Katherine (USA), two girls I had been talking to the whole night, went off with me instead, thinking to find someplace quieter to chat.  We actually ended up shopping for a bit, before heading back to our dorms.  Tomorrow is a free day so plans are up in the air - I've talked with a few people about going out with them, but as no one has given a set time or place or firm confirmation that it's still happening we'll have to see what happens!

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