Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 6: Dongdaemun

I got to sleep in this morning, which was GLORIOUS.  Texted a few people to figure out plans, and ended up meeting Jo and her friends for lunch.  That was an overall good time, just eating and chatting with some new people again.  We then went to the school to explore and figure out where our classes were (well, they did that, I didn't bring my schedule so I couldn't really check it out).  Everyone went out for coffee, but Jo and I left them to go to Dongdaemun.

Oh man, it is such a fun area.  The malls are like 7 stories, and inside it's just hundreds of little stalls where you can buy whatever, haggle prices, and just see everything.  I ended up buying a backpack that I needed and a shirt that was on sale ($10 is super reasonable to me).  We also just stopped at a cafe to chat - I got a mini jug of mojito which was AWESOME - and we got a crepe from a stall on the street which was honestly better than any crepe I've had before.  That may turn into the Quetzal cafe of Korea for me.  On the way back we stopped and got some ramen and just ate it outside, which was really nice.  That's so much cheaper than eating out but it still tasted pretty good.

Just going to turn in pretty quick tonight, the KUBA city tour is tomorrow and I know that's going to exhaust me to no end.

Inside of one of the malls

Eating ramen!

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