Friday, February 20, 2015

Leaving/Day One

So the night before I left definitely was an adventure.  My wonderful friend who was going to drive Joe and I to the airport suddenly had his car die at 9pm, when he was going to pick us up at 3.30am.  Luckily, he called me when I was going out for a goodbye dinner with Joe and my oldest brother, and after much convincing and a bit of bribery (and failed attempts finding other rides), my brother agreed to say up till 3 to drive us to the airport even though he works a 9-5.

While the baggage drop line was short, the line to get through security was long, like, waaaay past the normal gate and snaking around every which way.  It took about 20 minutes to get all the way through the line, which was a first for me.  Joe stayed with me as long as he could in the line, but unfortunately he couldn't come all the way through.  I ended up tearing up quite a bit in line, and more than one person patted me on the back and said it'd be okay :P

The flight to Toronto was uneventful, but at Toronto I needed to pick up my bags, switch terminals, drop off the bags again, and go through security again.  That ended up pretty close, with me reaching my gate just as my boarding zone was called.  I probably could have been there a bit earlier, but I had changed some dollars into Won and the baggage check clerks graciously wrote down a few phrases I'd need if I got a taxi to school.

The flight to Korea itself was so long. 13 and a half hours.  And I was in a middle seat, which makes it pretty near impossible for me to fall asleep, coupled with the fact they serve 2 meals and snacks and then drinks more often than that so I kept having to use the bathroom but the person in the aisle seat slept most of the time and I didn't want to wake her, so I was just sitting there with an extra reason of why it was hard to fall asleep.

But, the flight went smoothly (besides the fact my knees didn't appreciate being bent that whole time, and sassed me when I tried to walk).  I was able to connect to the airport wifi and call/text people when I was waiting to go through border control, which is sooo much better than having to wait until I get to a place I can set up the laptop.  This whole having a smartphone thing is pretty nice.

Once I got my bags, I tried using skype to call my hotel to send me a shuttle, but the wifi wasn't working that well where I was calling from so I just asked someone at an information desk to do it for me.  Got to the hotel, settled in, went to get some food (which was an... experience), and finally got to take a shower.  Honestly, showering after a flight is one of the most relaxing things ever, I'm pretty sure I almost fell asleep.  The hotel also gave me a cute little bag of things I might need (toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, razor, and so much more) which was great, but there was also one of those spa facemask things in there and I actually did fall asleep a bit when I put that on.

Which brings us to the present.  It's only about 730 at night, but I am so completely exhausted.  I want to translate all the words on the lights and toilet (THERE ARE SO MANY SWITCHES AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY DO but the toilet is heated sometimes and that is a luxury I can get used to) but I'm so tired I know I'd just be in a terrible mood if I tried.  Setting an alarm and a hotel wake-up call tomorrow, hopefully that's enough!

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