Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 11

Woensdag, 17 Augustus 2011

Woke up feeling refreshed today, had some breakfast, then came up stairs to practice trumpet a bit before we left for the day.  And, lo and behold, it wasn't my trumpet.  I had either grabbed the wrong Bach Strad case (the guy sitting next to me also had a Strad), or someone thought it would be funny to switch it (and if someone did do that, bravo to them.  That's a great joke to play on people, totally serious).  So, of course, I freaked out, contacting people on facebook and trying to get it straightened out because my wallet was in my case because I'm dumb.  Robyne and Patrick thought it was pretty hilarious.  :P

Anyway, before it got figured out, we (Robyne, Marcela and myself) left for Antwerpen via bus.  Once there, we got a few things Robyne still needed for her exchange, took pictures, shopped (well, they did, I didn't have any money).  It was a really fun day; lots of fun conversations, and I saw a TON of dogs.  Truut came to pick us up, and then we had the most delicious icecream/chocolate mix ever.  I feel like I gained a pound or two from it.

Some pretty flowers in Antwerpen

Truut then drove us to a flower shop, because she had to get some flowers for a wedding bouquet she was making.  And ohmygoodness, there were so many amazing flowers there, and in so many different colors!  I loved it.  I was looking at the flowers a guy was buying because they were awesome, and he started to speak to me in Dutch.  I felt bad just nodding along, so I actually managed to say "I don't speak Dutch", in Dutch!  I was so proud of myself.  He started talking to Marcela and I in English then, so it was pretty cool.  And while Truut was buying the flowers and chatting with the owner of the shop, Marcela, Robyne and I got bored and started taking silly pictures.  It was a lot of fun, as you can see.

Exhibit A

Home, had dinner (fries, cheese things, and steak [I miss the steak from back home - never really appreciated how good the meat from Robin really was]).  Marcela and I were so full from earlier, so we kept complaining and saying how we were going to burst, but then we'd put another fry in our mouth.  A lot of jokes were made over and after dinner, and it was in general a jovial time.  We all get along so well - I'm glad I got placed with Truut and Patrick, and that Marcela lives with me as well.

Cleaned up after dinner, practically hugged my trumpet (the guy came and switched them while I was gone, thank goodness), and talked to the madre a bit on skype.  I can't believe that this is only (and already) my 11th day there.  So weird to think about.  School starts two weeks from tomorrow - eep!  Anyway, either going to bed now, or going to take funny pictures with Marcela and Robyne.  Slaapwel all!

Also, Laura, my mom said you read this, so if you do, I hope you're feeling better!  Wishing you the best from here!

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