Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 7

Zaterdag, Augustus 13, 2011

Today was a good day.  Woke up around 10 (everyone else besides Truut and Patrick were still sleeping).  Had breakfast with Patrick, and soon Marcela came down.  It was really rainy and gloomy so you probably know what that means - nap time!  I kept a book by me on the bed so I could pretend I was reading, so I wouldn't catch any flak for napping.  :P

Around 1, Robyne woke up, so we had leftover soup for lunch.  It was really fun - it was us three girls and Patrick, and he loves to laugh.  He kept trying to teach us some Dutch words as well, so that was nice.

After that, went back upstairs and messed around online, listened to the recording of one of the songs the music group is playing, and watched an episode of "A Game of Thrones".  Such a great series.  Read a bit, then watched "Sinbad" in Dutch, with English subtitles.  Then, had leftovers for supper (Siemen was there; I have no idea what time he woke up but it was after 3pm), and started to make snacks for the party.  I tried making Russian Tea Cakes, but something must have messed up in the conversion or different ingredients, because they were still soft on the inside after it all was finished.  :/  But we also made chocolate mousse; delicious!  Siemen and I stole a little cup each, and then kept asking for more, it was pretty fun.  Apparently, whenever they eat something or drink a beer, they have to do it in two's.  "One for each leg" they say.  (I only took one cookie earlier, and Patrick was like "What about your other leg?".  Since it wasn't explained to me yet, I was thoroughly confused.)  And after that, you need one for each arm, and then one for each hand, etc etc.

After cooking was done, I went upstairs, messed around online a bit, before going back down and talking at the table with the parents, Robyne, and Marcela.  It's really fun to just talk to them.  Half the time they're sitting talking in Dutch to each other, so Marcela and I just look at each other and shrug.  And if they start laughing, we'll look at each other like "What's so funny?", and then we'll awkwardly start laughing as well to fit in.  Today's was pretty funny because apparently Patrick said something rude to Truut, because she got up in a huff (playfully, of course, she wasn't really mad), and left to the next room, and Patrick and Robyne just couldn't stop laughing.  Seriously, for like 5 minutes straight.

I'm glad it's settled down - that we've had some time to just be alone in our rooms.  I really like that.  Siemen and Robyne were either too tired or too hungover to go to their other party today, so I didn't need to explain my way out of it.  I'd be fine with like, smaller parties with less loud music and disco lighting, and more lazing around and talking.  I think Robyne's party tomorrow will be a bit like that, so I'm a bit excited.

Also, Collin's computer is a beast, so we watched tried something with skype (Collin is my brother, for those of you who don't know).  He had it so our show was showing his screen, and then skyped me, so I could watch it.  Then he made it so the sound from the show went to skype, so I could watch and listen clear as day.  Made for a great night.  Yeeeeeeeeee muffffffffffinnnnnssssssss.

Yu Yu Hakusho over skype~

Well, it's past midnight, so time for bed.  Slaapwel!

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