Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 3

Woke up still tired yet again (hopefully this doesn't become a common theme...), and had what seems like it's going to be my regular breakfast (yogurt and an orange).  It was raining again, and 20 Celsius (70 F), which Robyne said is not typical for summer weather.  Robyne, Marcela and I biked to the bus stop in the rain, and went to Herentals, a town close by to get those small passport pictures which we need to register for temporary residency.  Marcela had apparently never been on a bus before, so it was fun to watch her reactions.

Once we got the pictures, we bussed back home (but not before getting a water from a vending machine, which Marcela had also never seen before), and biked with host mom (Truut) to the city hall.  We turned in all the papers, and biked to the grocery store.  It was a bit different than back home.  There were no bags for you to put your groceries in - you had to supply a bag or just carry it.  There were only like 2 carts, all the rest were the smaller baskets.  We put the food in Truut's bike bags, went home, and made lunch.

I only ate like a piece and a half of the meal (piece of toast, ham, cheese, and another piece of toast), and apparently that's not that much.  They kept commenting on how little I ate, and how Belgians are good eaters.  Then, as I was utterly exhausted, I decided to go nap (Robyne calls it nappy nappy time), which is another thing that they don't do.  I don't understand how someone can live that fast paced (always being somewhere or doing something), and not nap during the day.  I was utterly wiped out.

After the nap, we (Robyne, Marcela, Truut, and my brother Siemen) went to the grandparents to visit, feed the cows, and pick beans.  Twas pretty fun - and it makes me glad that I packed my boots.  Back home, we made dinner, talked about our plans for tomorrow (Brussels), and then went to the music rehearsal of a group that I may be allowed to join.  They were AMAZING!  And we were hearing them after about 2 hours of practice.  They gave me the music they were playing (five pieces), and a Bach Strad to practice with.  <3

Now, I'm just listening to the music online, hoping that I can still play when I attempt to tomorrow after we go out.  Slaapwel!

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