Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 19

Donderdag, 25 Augustus 2011

Wow, today was a long day - big Rotary event.  Woke up at 7, had breakfast, got ready (dress pants, dress shirt, tie, blazer), and then at 745 Truut drove Marcela and I to the train station.  We met Santiago again, as well as a girl (Jenna) from Canada.  We had some fun talking on train with each other and our little group's adult leader.  Got off at Brussels, had some hot chocolate, and met all the other kids from from d1630NL (the Dutch half of district 1630, which I'm in).

We met up with all the other Belgium exchange students (around 220 total) in a park, got split up into groups, and went on a tour of the Belgian Royal Palace.  I was the only person from 1630 in my group, so that was a little weird.  But I met a totally awesome nerdy girl, so we geeked out the entire walk.  We really understand each other.  :P

There was a lot more walking, sightseeing, and talking (kinda boring to just explain in writing).  I mainly stayed with the other girl (Greta), another legit girl (Claire), and another awesome girl who is actually from my district in the states (Kate).  We all get along really well, and we talked about starting a D&D group here.  Legit.  I'm excited I found some people I can relate to on nerd things - I miss that aspect of home.

Traded pins with some people, took some pictures; all in all it was more fun than I thought it would be.  But I was super tired, and wanted to go home.  But, of course, we (meaning all the d1630NL kids - we traveled together) missed our train, so we had to wait an hour.  And then Marcela and I had to go to Genk on the train with Santiago and Jenna, from which Emi (head of Dutch part of 1630 I think) drove us to another city, where our adult from earlier (actually Santiago's third host father) picked us up and drove us home.  Too much traveling, and it would have been much quicker if they just Marcela and I take a train to Herentals.  Ugh.

Oh, funny moment of the day.  At one place (can't remember where), they were calling up each student to give their home club flag to one of the district heads.  They were going by each country, and then by the districts.  So, they'd say "Mexico", and then say "district 1630, french speaking", and name off all the kids from Mexico who are in d1630FR.  Then, they'd move on to the rest of the districts, and then start over with a new country.  Anyway, everyone was talking even though they were supposed to be quiet, so we kept getting lectured to shut up, basically.

Well, halfway through saying the USA kids, they finally seemed to snap, and went on a long speech about being quiet.  So, of course everyone got quiet.  And then they were like, "And from the US, for the Dutch speaking part of 1630... Kelsey Lysford."  And then when I was walking up, it was just an awkward silence, and then they were like, "And from the US, for district 2170...".  I'm honestly the only US kid in the Dutch part, besides this one guy who hasn't arrived yet, and there are a boatload of Americans here.  It was really weird.

But anyway, finally got home, Truut heated up some soup and mashed potatoes (with carrots...) and made us some sausage.  Friended quite a few more people on facebook, but since tomorrow is an early day, I'm going to be like right now.  Slaapwel!

(Also, a month ago was when I met the Belgian family at my uncle's bird sanctuary.  Weeeeird!  But that was a great day, and there was a place that was a perfect racetrack for riding horse.)

(Also also, yes, the Lollipop scene from "In Bruges" was probably one of the best.  Gotta love the dark comedy movies.  =D)

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