Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 12

Donderdag, 18 Augustus 2011

Woke up, had breakfast, talked with Robyne as she started (yes, started) packing for her exchange.  As I didn't want to disturb her, I went upstairs and read some baseball news, watched some clips, etc.  Stayed up there until lunch.  After lunch, Marcela and I went for like a 2 hour walk around town, just to see where things were.  Pretty fun.  Around 4pm, at the tail end of our walk, it started to sound like a storm, so we hurried home.

And boy, did it storm.  Pukklepop, a festival about half an hour away, had things fall down, people killed.  It wasn't that violent here, but the rain was coming down pretty hard.  I commented on how I loved listening to and watching storms, and everyone thought I was weird.  Good thing I didn't tell them about how my mom and I would walk outside during tornado warnings to look at the sky and take pictures.

Went to the cousin who has the cows place so Robyne could say goodbye.  Spent some time there, and then Marcela and I went in a tractor with Siemen, as he needed to drive it to a different village.  It was pretty fun.  Once we were where we had to be, we pet some of the cows, and tried our hand at driving the tractor.  It was SO much easier than our one at home.  Patrick and Robyne picked us up from there, and we went home.

Had some snacks and some sort of champagne to celebrate Robyne's last night at home.  Watched videos online (team roping, tractor pulling; you know, the usual Thursday night videos), chatted.  Since it was Robyne's last night, we decided to dress up and take a family picture.  I daresay it turned out pretty well.

We're a pretty awesome family

Took some more pictures with just Robyne, Marcela and I, and I helped Robyne set up a blog.  Now, it's 2 hours before we leave to take Robyne to the airport, so I guess I should try to get some shuteye.  Slaapwel!

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