Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 14

Zaterdag, 20 Augustus 2011

Woke up utterly tired this morning, so I slept until like 10 minutes before I left for the music rehearsal (around 940am).  Did that, which was great.  I feel quite a bit more confident playing the main piece now, and as it was just a trumpet sectional, I know now what my section plays, so I think it'll make it easier not get lost.  Aaaand I could understand some of the measure numbers when he said them!  I was so proud of myself.  Not all of them, of course, but definitely more than I did on Tuesday.  The director also translated a few things for me, and would repeat a lot of his directions in English so I would understand.  I really appreciated that; it was really nice for him to do that.  Hopefully by next month or so I'll have a good music vocabulary, so I won't need to bother people to translate for me.

Biked home (did I mention I biked there by myself, and didn't get lost?  Yeeeeee muffffinnnssss), watched Mamma Mia with Marcela (whoo, alliteration!).  The Dutch subtitles didn't work, so we just got to watch without learning anything.  I was pretty tired by then, so I took a nap (and it happened to be just when the little kids arrived, score!).  Slept for like 4 hours, woke up for dinner, and then helped Patrick feed the cows. It was pretty nice; I think I'm going to try and help him with that most of the days he does it.

Had a little skype session with the madre and Kyle (and his puppy Edgar~), then bummed around online a bit.  Went downstairs and had some chocolate mousse with Marcela, talked with Truut and Patrick a bit.  Robyne's flight got messed up, and she had a 16 hour layover in Lima.  Ouch.  And her host mom sent Truut a message saying to call her, and left a phone number.  She of course didn't call because the cost would have been insane, but it has us all a bit worried.  Went back upstairs, responded to some emails, read some baseball news, and now it's about time for bed (after a HunterxHunter episode >.>).  Slaapwel, everyone!

EDIT:  At 1:30am Belgium time (so like, 830pm Peru time), Robyne finally arrived at her new house after her 16 hour layover cause by the cancelled plane.  So glad she's there safe.  I can finally get to sleep now.  :)

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