Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 24

Dinsdag, 30 Augustus 2011

Woke up around 9 (gotta get ready for getting up at like 645 for school :< ), ate with Truut and Patrick, and then back upstairs, looking at more colleges.  Still no luck finding one that has a major I want at a price that's understandable.  I just want to find ONE that would work so I can be sure I'll actually make it into a college once I return home.  :P

Marcela and I biked to the bus stop and then had to wait over an hour to get to Turnhout.  Like, we got to the stop probably 5 minutes after the sign said the bus would get there.  But a lady  was waiting there when we got there, and she was trying to go to Turnhout as well.  So after an hour, the next bus (which was scheduled for an hour after the one we missed) still wasn't there, so I was about ready to give it up and go home.  Luckily, it came right when I was gonna suggest we just go back home.

Walked around Turnhout a bit, ate, and walked down a random street.  Just window shopping, looking in the windows and such.  And, lo and behold, we looked into Marc's shop (he was our chaperon for the rotary thing in Brussels).  He was just leaving to pick up Santiago, so we hopped in his car and joined him.  Picked Santi up, went back to Marc's house.  Marc and Santi went to set up Santi's bank account, and Marcela and I found where the school was (first time going there by ourselves).  Stopped at a sidewalk cafe to have a drink (mmmm hot chocolate), then bussed home.

Dinner, then music rehearsal.  Marcela came with to listen, but she just ended up reading the entire time.  :P  Apparently the guy sitting next to me conducts a music group the next village over, and all of his trumpet players can't make the concert on Sunday, so he invited me (along with 2 other guys from the group I'm in) to practice with them on Friday, and then play in the concert.  Being the band geek I am, of course I said.  Super excited.  Went home pretty early after rehearsal because I was pretty tired.  Just talking to people online quick before bed.  Slaapwel!

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