Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 25

Woensdag, 31 Augustus 2011

Woke up, ate quick, and then went out with Patrick.  Had to drop some papers off at the mayor house, and then we drove to another village so he could pick up some stuff.  We talked about cows, tractors, and driving laws the entire way there and back.  It was really nice - great "father"/"daughter" bonding.

Got home around noon, ate lunch with Truut and Marcela, and then did a bit more college research stuff.  Talked with Truut and Marcela; apparently it's REALLY WEIRD for them to choose classes and such in college.  I showed them all the different classes you can take for different things (on AR's website), and all the different majors, and how you can pick and choose classes even in the major.  And the price.  They were astounded by all of it.  :P

Did some redditing, and then we (Marcela, Truut, Patrick and I) biked to a castle a village or so over.  It was beautiful - I wish we had stuff like that in the US.  Took a few pics, but I just realized I touched them up with f.lux on (something that changes the colors on my screen a bit, depending on the time of day), so hopefully they look okay.

Marcela and I with our future house in the background

I really love pictures of paths like this (though even more when Reg's ears are in the pic as well)


Had some icecream on the way home, dinner, and got ready for school.  Packed all my stuff, cleaned my room up, charged my iPod, etc etc.  Hopefully it all goes well tomorrow.  Now, just talking to people on the facemail, listening to music.  I haven't mentioned it on here before, but this is the one thing that makes me want to be a Mariner's fan.  Such a great song (and it's cool watching the video and recognizing some of the places).  Anyway, one last reddit thread (though my friend told me a few nights ago "there is never a last reddit thread") and time for bed.  Slaapwel!

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    I know how much you like AMS trips in Sept, I train on the little Airbus in Oct so I won't get a chance to visit unless I can drop my last trip and pick up an AMS trip in Sept. I will try. I'll say high to Reg when we go deer hunting.