Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 26 - First Day of School

Donderdag, 1 September 2011

Like the title says, first day of school.  :)

Woke up, went online quick (hey, it helps perk me up in the morning, don't judge), got ready for school.  Packed my lunch and everything.  :P  Truut took a "first day of school" picture, so that was fun.  Biked with Robyne's friend to the bus stop, and then bussed to Turnhout.  Then had to walk from there to the school.  Man, I never appreciated how easy it is to drive to school.  I can eat in the car AND park really close to the school, and no wait time/having to stand.

After a few confusing walks around, Marcela and I finally got where we needed to go.  Met our main teacher, they showed us around, met our class, and then went to class.  The beginning was just getting papers and such, nothing terribly exciting.  The kids in my class are super nice, and they speak pretty good English, so they helped translate for me.  :)

Had lunch outside with them (I just followed them around all day, because we're all together for like all of our classes; it's so weird!), then had German.  Before school started, I was all cocky like, thinking I would be decent at German.  But during class I realized it was two years ago that I took German, and that was only the first year.  And I think the teacher at AR just made the class easier because we were all so terrible at it.  :P  So, yeah, I did really bad.  I did remember that stolz means pride, but that's just because of the whole "Stolz von Reno" thing.

Theeen had a music class thing (I decided at the last second to take the Jazz track) which was uneventful, except for the awkward moment when I had to spell my name out loud to the teacher, in English, and everyone was just looking at me, dead quiet.  Then music theory, which I of course failed at.  Never learned any theory at home (and my stand mate back home knew it, so he'd just feed me the answers if the teacher called on me), so it was really difficult.  The teacher basically switched to English for teaching the class because it was review and the other like 6 kids in the class knew what he was talking about.

No 8th period since it was the first day, so went home.  Talked with the padre on facebook, had dinner (at like 530 or so because we were really hungry), skyped with the madre, got ready for bed, and then ended up watching the last half of a movie with Truut and Patrick.  I love reading the Dutch subtitles and listening to the English - it's a fun way to do it.

I feel like this year is going to be incredibly difficult, but my class seems really nice.  One girl in the class seems like she's going to be my best friend - she has horses, and she's in the music direction with me.  We're like siblings~.  Looked at another college, liked it, saw the price, and then decided I didn't like it too much.  :P  I really need to start looking for scholarships I can apply for to at least take the price down a bit.

Oh, got my package from the madre today.  Some contacts, my aviators, hats, stuff to make more pins to exchange, and an awesome thermos so I can have my tea on the bus.  Yesssss.  Thinking about wearing the hat and aviators tomorrow, just because.  Just gotta wear my boots too, and it'll be like my riding outfit.

A month ago was my last Monday in the states, and my last time eating Khans for the year.  Man, I really miss Khans already - totally regretting not finishing my meal when I was there.  And I miss Taco Bell.  And Mountain Dew.  A kid from my drumline said he'd send me Mountain Dew if I sent him a chocolate from here that he loves, so hopefully he follows through on that.

Well, considering I'm just listing random thoughts now, I should probably get to bed.  Yay waking up for school.  :/  I last spring semester, when my first class started a bit after 10am.  So, even if I had jazz or jamline in the morning, I could get home from that by 8 and get another hour or so of sleep in before I had to actually do school stuff.  That was the life (besides the days I had class till like 9pm, but I'll just forget I ever had to do that).  Anyway, slaapwel!

(And Mr. Hayes, I like the picture.  Hopefully that doesn't happen when you guys are up deer hunting)

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