Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 34

Vrijdag, 9 September 2011

Woke up, felt like I could barely get my eyes open.  Brought my thermos with tea to school, so that was nice.  Dutch first period - the teacher was disappointed that I haven't started my out of school Dutch lessons yet (and believe me, so am I.  I've been asking about them since I got here).  Went to the library and got a book in Dutch about the crusades.  Considering I just finished my like 300 page about about the First Crusade, I could understand some of it.

Choir next, which sucked because my throat hurt.  And we sang in French again, and I have to say, French still just sounds silly to me.  Break, then Dutch again, so read more of my book.  Music theory next, just sat there and pretended to understand him talking about harmony and polyphony.  Lunch, ate with Santiago (rotary student from Colombia).

After lunch, theory again, but this time they were doing difficult work, so I just studied the jazz theory stuff I had.  Then, art history, and I could actually understand some of that.  The teacher is really nice, so I really hope I can stay in the class.  Then got to go home because I don't have 7th/8th on Fridays.

Once at home, basically went online for a second, and then slept.  Felt really really sick.  Woke up around 930 pm (went to bed around 430), ate, talked to Beedums and a few others online, and now its time for bed again because everything still hurts.  Slaapwel everyone!

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