Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 41

Vrijdag, 16 September 2011

Woke up, felt absolutely terrible.  Had Dutch first period, so I just tried to read my Playstation magazine but I ended up zoning out and just looking at the same two pages the entire class period (don't know if anyone noticed; it could have looked like I just really wanted to look at the pics from Borderlands 2).  Ah well.  Choir next, which of course didn't go well because my voice was silly.  Break, then Dutch again.  The teacher just had me go to the library because I couldn't understand anything.  Watched some TED talks with Dutch subtitles.  :P  Music theory, which meant I got to FINISH my giant triangle.  Everyone in class was so proud of me~

Lunch, ate school food for the first time.  It was surprisingly good - bacon, tomato, egg, lettuce, and I think that's it.  Ate with Santi again, and Marcela joined us when she could come outside.  Music composition next, so I pretended to study music theory, but I was just zoning out again.  Art history, which I just pretended to be contemplating the pictures he showed - zoned out again.  :P  Went to the computer lab for 7th (no 7th and 8th on Friday, but I was waiting for Marcela).

Then, after 7th, Marcela, an exchange student from Ecuador (not with rotary), and I took the bus to Antwerpen.  We met Jenna, the rotary girl from Canada who we hung out with a lot in Brussels, and went to icecream.  The three of them went shopping, and I went right home for some sleep.  At home, had dinner, talked about Dutch lessons (FINALLY starting them).  Now, just talking to a few people, but it's basically time for me to sleep (shut up, I know it's only 8).  Slaapwel!

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