Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 48

Vrijdag, 23 September 2011

Woke up, school.  Had to bike/bus by myself because Marcela was still camping with her class from school.  :(  Oh well, had time to listen to a BBC podcast on the Age of the Universe - very informative.  School, first period was Dutch, so I went to the library and studied Latin (aka, translated my Latin worksheets).  Then I was supposed to have Choir, but I think we have 5th years in the class, and see as how they were camping, we had extra music theory.  Yay?  I tried to pay attention, just to see if I could understand what he was saying.  Not really.

Then, went to the other school for Latin.  Apparently the kids were asking where I was yesterday since I wasn't there.  :)  They're fun kids.  Back to the other school for more music theory - I was like 30 minutes late because of the walk and having to talk to my Latin teacher after class.  Ah well, I can't understand it anyway. Tried to study with an easy workbook a different teacher gave me, but I couldn't read it since it was Dutch.  Gotta translate it this weekend.  Lunch, ate with Santi and then watched some kids from his class play football (so soccer to the silly American's reading this).  Tons of fun.  Makes me really wish I hadn't quit.  I know I hated the coaches, but I should have stayed with at least a rec league, even after my rec league team dissolved.

More Music Theory, which I just made my Latin flashcards during considering I wanted to do something productive.  For the next class, the teacher was gone, and since they don't have subs we had to go to a big room with other students who didn't have a teacher.  Luckily my class convinced the teachers to let us go to the music area to practice, which means most everyone started playing (really well) on piano, guitar, bass, and drum set, and then started playing when another girl sang.  I grabbed the cymbals and just messed around with them.  :)

Home, ate some soup, translated my Latin flashcards (so now the front is Latin, the back is stuff I need to know about the word [if it's an adverb, how it conjugates, etc], the Dutch translation, and the English translation.  Uffda).  Had dinner with Truut and Marcela, went back upstairs to do a bit more studying, cleaned my desk up a bit, and then watched a movie with Truut and Patrick.  Now, time for sleep seeing as how I have tutoring tomorrow morning.  :/  Slaapwel!

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