Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 30

Maandag, 5 September 2011

Got up, left for school.  Had history (seems like we're learning contemporary stuff, which is laaame), English (I totally rocked at this class :P), break, a science-y class where we didn't do anything, music history (I'll actually be trying to follow along in that class).  Had lunch, talked with my classmate with the horses.  I love talking about horses with people that know about them.  :)

Then had French, which I'm not ever going to pay attention in because it's like their 7th year and I've never had it.  Music theory next, and the teacher kept translating into English for me, so that was nice.  Another break, then two periods of religion class.  The teacher didn't really speak English, so my classmates had to translate the assignments and everything for me.  :P

Got some fries with Marcela, slept a bit on the bus ride home, had dinner, and then went and helped Patrick and Siemen with the cows.  (Dad, I got the pics for Robin, I'll have them up soon).  Home (like 8pm), got ready for bed, talked with some people from back home, and now it's time for bed.  Slaapwel!

Also, I want to take a little bit of time to say congratulations to the Govenaires and Minnesota Brass.  Both groups took first in their class at DCA World Championship Finals, which is totally awesome and very difficult to do.  Way to rep Minnesota!  Hopefully that means good things for Minnesota during the winter season.  :)

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