Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 46

Woensdag, 21 September 2011

Okay, real update.

Woke up, school.  Didn't have to wake up early at all because I wasn't packing a lunch.  :)  First class was a music listening class I got transferred into (it used to be AML), which was GREAT.  I could understand what was going on!  Then I had to book to to Latin at the other school.  Was like 10 minutes late for that, and then I was a few minutes late for English after that.  Ah well.  Then, science, which I tried to follow but it was so incredibly boring.  Not because of the teacher or anything, but unless you are a really, really enthusiastic teacher, rudimentary cell biology isn't that interesting to me (especially since I've had it before - I just don't remember much).

After that, Marcela and I spent some time in Turnhout, and then bussed to Antwerp.  We split up, seeing as how she was going to shop/do her own thing for a bit, and meet us at icecream.  But, Jenna and Jose (our buddies from the last icecream day), asked me to meet them at the Forever 21.  I went then, and then spent an hour waiting/looking for them in the store.  And since I don't have a phone (still no rotary money), I couldn't contact them or Marcela.  Finally got fed up, got icecream, and bussed home.  Marcela came how a while after.

Uh, can't really remember.  I think I just studied some Latin and went to sleep, but I can't honestly remember.   Shoot.  This shows exactly why I need to update my blog every day - otherwise I'll forget what happened when I was here!


Oh shoot, totally forgot about writing this, and I need to go to sleep like right now.  I'll update it tomorrow when I get home.  Slaapwel!

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