Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 38

Dinsdag, 13 September 2011

Woke up at 7am to Truut knocking on my door, telling me that I was going to be late if I didn't hurry.  Turns out Marcela's alarm didn't go off or something (she's been waking me up since my phone was lost), so both of us had to hurry to get ready.  Luckily we made it to the bus on time, so all was good.  Oh, at school, my class is the one that cleans the common area outside this week.  When my class started doing it today, this was the exchange that followed:
Me: "But we did it yesterday!"
Them: "We do it all this week."
Me: "Then why didn't we start on Monday?"
Them: "Yesterday was Monday..."
Me: /look of utter sadness

Totally didn't realize it's only Tuesday.  Ugh.

AML first, which SUCKED.  We had to sing this super hard (well, for me) song thing - just singing the note names and whatever, and at intervals I was bad at.  And the teacher made ME go in front of the class to sing it.  I, of course, did terrible.  The next kid did it, but played it with a kazoo (he's been using the kazoo all day, so the teacher let him get away with it because it was pretty hilarious).  Fun times, but after he did that, the teacher was like, "Maybe that's an option for you Kelsey".  Ouch.  I mean, I know I suck at singing, but you really had to say that?  :(

Anyway, Dutch next.  Just sat in class and tried to read my book about the Crusades that's in Dutch.  But, seeing as how I was feeling sick still, I ended up zoning out and just staring at the page.  Break time, and then gym.  That was... ugh.  First period of gym was actual gymnastics, which I sucked at.  Luckily my group only had to do cartwheels, but there were some crazy things other groups were doing..  The second period was just running.  Okay, I guess.  I don't like running (neither does my asthma), but after drumline I can do it.  A girl in my class taught me how to say "I hate running" in Dutch, so that was nice.  :)

Lunch, ate with Santiago.  Was super tired, so we left campus to get me some caffeine, and I bought the "Official Playstation Magazine" in Dutch so I had something to do.  Expression was first, which was basically an acting class I think?  We had to pretend we were old people, and write an introduction speech thing to read next time we had the class.  Then AML again, which was better because I didn't have to sing.  Break, then French, where I read my Playstation mag (aka, looked at the pictures and tried to piece together the latest news about ME3).  Then Expression again.  I think I totally owned with my old person impression - the teacher let me do it in English, and since no one knows old American people, I had a bunch of leeway.  Basically combined stereotypical old person phrases (youngin's, back in my day, by golly, etc) and a terrible mix between a Minnesotan and Texan accent, which a hoarse voice from coughing all day.  Awww yeaaahhh

Home, had dinner, went online for a bit, then fanfare rehearsal.  It was good, sans the fact I was yawning all the time (which I suppose is better than coughing, but still annoying).  Got some crap for that, along with the fact my jeans had a hole in them.  But yeah, fun rehearsal.  I love everyone in the group - they're all so nice~

Anyway, it's really time for bed, seeing as how I can't stop yawning or coughing.  Slaapwel!

(Also, someone I was talking to today said "So I read on your blog...".  Eeep.  Totally forgot people here could find it and read it.  Really hope I haven't said anything too weird on here, or said something about them they'd find to be creepy/rude.  Here's to hoping I haven't, because I'm too lazy to go back and check.)

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  1. Oh man, I pretty much did the Tuesday thing today. It was bummerific.