Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 28

Zaterdag, 3 September 2011

Got up, packed for the beach, and left!  It was about an hour or two drive, but it didn't feel that bad (probably since I'm used to going 6 hours to up north).  And, checking the map just now to confirm the name of the town (Heist), I see that we basically drove all the way across Belgium.  Like, we drove basically by Antwerpen, Gent, and Brugge.  Wow.

Got to the beach, went to get something to drink (I had a Fanta, great for a day on the beach).  The weather was perfect, and the place we had the drink was so cute.  We were sitting on a legit couch in the sand; it was so cool.  Marcela also was making fun of my pasty white legs.  But I just think that means I have a real farm tanline - only my arms and face are tan, because you always wear a shirt and jeans on the farm.
View from my seat

Me with my pasty white legs

Then, went to the beach.  The water was far away (it was just past noon, so it was probably at the furthest point away).  Marcela laid down to tan, and I walked to the water, swam a bit (even though I could barely drown my kneecaps in the water :P), went back because I was getting too far away from land and it was still only like hip level water.  Laid down and tanned with Marcela a bit - well, she was tanning, I was napping.  :)

Truut came back, as she was out walking around when we were on the beach.  We packed up and went to the car, where we had packed a lunch.  Ate, and then we all rented a bike.  Biked basically to the Netherlands, but we had to turn around when we could see it because we needed to add more money onto the ticket we had for our parking.  We made it back JUST in time to not get a ticket thankfully.  So, Truut paid for another few hours, we returned the bikes, and went back to the beach.  Marcela tanned again, and I went swimming because the water was a lot closer.  Went for like an hour, and tried to do things to make it an actual workout (not touch the sand, even though it was still pretty shallow, only swim with my legs/arms, etc).

Went back to Truut and Marcela (who were apparently worried about me because I disappeared from their sight when I was swimming).  Got an icecream, and then we went back home.  Showered, which felt AMAZING, because my hair was like sticky from the water.  Then, skyped with my parents, my brother Kyle, his awesome girlfriend Andi, the bartender of the Legion (they were skyping from the bar up north, because there's wireless there), and all three of our horses, including my Reg!!  Totally made my night.

My Reg!
After that, ran through the music for the concert tomorrow, and then went to bed.  Tried up to upload this blog, but the internet kind of gave up on me, and wouldn't load blogger.  So, since I'm technically uploading this on  Sunday, I feel weird saying "slaapwel".  So, uh, have a good day?

Also, this song has been stuck in my head for like a week.  For those who don't click links/are on dial-up, it's "Thank God I'm a Country Boy".  I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD.

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