Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 53

Woensdag, 28 September 2011

And yet another exciting day!  Alternated between sleeping, practicing trumpet, studying Latin, and going on reddit.  Add in eating a few times, and that was my day.  Seriously.  Also, I finally realized how hard it's going to be to keep up in Latin.  For my flashcards, I need to memorize both the English and Dutch definitions, as well as some extra info (which changes depending on if it's a noun, verb, or other).  I'm still so far behind.  But there's just so much I can learn at one time, especially when it relates to languages.

Also, another comic as I've been catching up on my webcomics today.  Seeing as how the Twins utterly failed this season, I feel like this comic is appropriate.  Don't get my wrong, I still love the Twins even though they're terrible this year, but this is how I sometimes feel.

Oh, and after looking at my posts on the actual blog, instead of just on the little screen where I write them, I noticed that you can't really see commas.  Oops.  That probably makes me sound silly quite often - oh well!  Anyway, time for sleep, seeing as how I'm actually going to school tomorrow.  Slaapwel!

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