Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 47

Donderdag, 22 September 2011

What a day.  Woke up at like 530, obviously in a bad mood (I hate waking up in early morning unless there's a good reason).  Packed my lunch and everything, got the bus at 630 to Turnhout.  (I had to be at the school before 730am because that's when we were leaving for kayaking, and the bus after the 630 one would make me get to the school too late).

Got to the school a little before 7, walked around a bit, met a girl from another class (but has things like French and Geography with me), then left for kayaking!  Like a 3 hour bus ride on the way there (the Ardennes), so I got to listen to stuff on my ipod.  Listened to some podcasts I put on last night (Pardon the Interruption, one that was strictly about baseball and 40 minutes long, and a BBC thing about the Origins of Infectious Diseases, which was also like 40 minutes).  Slept some too.  Got there, ate, and kayaked!

We had to go for 2 hours, stop for a break, and then do 2 more hours.  It was really pretty there.  The sky was beautiful, a lot of trees and big rock formations - quite different than where I live in Lille.  Talked a lot with the girl I was kayaking with (obviously), and a few guys I kind of knew from some classes.  Pretty fun.  There were even little waterfalls (like, 2 meters at most, and not a straight drop), so that was cool.  Purposefully went over the last one backwards because we were bored.  I got so good at steering though - I really want to try in a single person kayak, or go with some people who knew what they were doing.  We got a rhythm at the end, but there were still tons of things we could have done better.

Anyway, after that, bussed home (listened to more music and a podcast about "Cogito Ergo Sum"), and got a ride home from a girl in my class.  Yay!  Truut made me skip rehearsal, even though I could have made the end of it.  Actually, she told me I had to skip it on Tuesday after my last rehearsal, but I was hoping I could convince her to let me go to it.  No such dice.  Because I'm sick and I would probably be tired when I got home from kayaking.  :(  Not terribly happy about that, but whatever.

Yeah, at home I just ate, went online, and now I may as well go to bed so I can attempt to pay attention in school tomorrow.  Slaapwel!

And yeah, back to me missing driving - I hate relying on other people to give me a ride home.  My last year of school, I would always be the one waiting with kids until their kids came, and then driving myself and probably a few others home.  Now, I have to ask for rides again, or set rides up beforehand.  Ugh.  Driving, I miss you~

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