Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 33

Donderdag, 8 September 2011

Woke up, went to school (in the rain, of course).  Geography (sucked), French (read my book, so that was cool), break, creative music (we have to write a pop song as a class!), and math (stats, so I totally understood it - well, not the words, but what he was teaching).  Then had lunch, and Marcela and I had to eat with the other exchange students and the counselors for the exchange students.  Had to talk about what classes we didn't like/didn't understand, and say what we'd rather do.  I asked for Econ and Latin.  And if I get Latin, I'll be with kids that are 12 years old and in a different school (I'd have to walk to it, like 10 minutes), but whatever.  It'd be fun to learn.

Then after lunch, had German (got some answers right!), JALM (played jazz music with another trumpet player, a pianist, and a guitarist, and jazz theory (understood it a bit, and he gave me like 90 pages of stuff to study).  Then bussed home, as I don't have 8th period on Thursdays.  Finished my book.  :(  I almost feel like I should get a kindle or something so I can have books instead of having to buy new ones for this year, and then have to lug them home.

Went online a bit, had dinner, got my uniform for my fanfare group, and then went to rehearsal.  Went home right when rehearsal finished.  I haven't been feeling good at all today.  Shaky, chest is tight, headache, etc.  Hopefully I can sleep it off before the concert on Sunday.  Ugh.  Not a fan of being sick.  And for school here, you only get like 4 days off the entire year, unless you have a doctors note.  So if you just have a bad cold and know you need to sleep, it's one of your 4 days.  And no way am I gonna use one of them this early in the year.

Anyway, I need sleep, so slaapwel all.

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