Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 45

Dinsdag, 20 September 2011

Woke up (after a lot of convincing from Marcela), went to school.  I got switched out of all of my hard music classes (aka, the AML class), but I didn't really have a new class to go to now.  So, I ended up joining a choir class with an amazingly nice teacher, so that was fun.  Then was Dutch, which meant I just went to the library and watching TED talks with Dutch subtitles.  So fun~.  Break, and then left to go find where my Latin class was (3rd period is now a study lesson for me, 4th is Latin).

So, I don't think I've explained Latin yet.  I'm taking it with the first grader students (12 year olds), because that's where the first level of Latin is.  Thing is, it's at another school that I had never been to.  So I spent a good 30 minutes walking around Turnhout until I finally found the school (after asking a few people, in Dutch, how to get there).  Finally got to the school, but it was like a lot of buildings and a bunch of young kids (younger than 12 too, I think there was even a kindergarten there).  Found my way to the secretary office without getting too many weird looks.

After a few attempts, I managed to tell them how I was taking the Latin classes (they didn't understand at first, I had to keep explaining it in new ways).  They brought me to the teacher's lounge, where I got some tea while I waited for the Latin teacher.  And daaaayum, I would totally become a teacher if it was in Belgium - the lounge was AMAZING.  Big windows, lots of space and light, awesome couches; so much stuff.  Met the teacher, got the typical "I'll be teaching in Dutch, I hope you understand".  She copied pages from the book/workbook for me (I ordered them when I got home), and then we went to class.

The kids seemed pretty excited an American was going in their class, especially an old fart like myself.  They seem nice, not too annoying.  Hopefully I can learn some Dutch from them (as well as Latin, of course).  After the class, walked back to my school, which was about 12 minutes, and that was like powerwalking.  Oofda.

Had expression (semi-acting class) with my classmates, but I couldn't understand it, so I just sat there like usual.  AML was next, but I just went to the library and studied Latin.  Then a break, and French, but I was in the library for that too, so that was nice.  Bussed home, ordered my Latin books.  Did some reading online, and then it was rehearsal.  Truut almost didn't let me go, but I did the usual "Well, it's only 2 hours, and if I can do the 8 hours at school, I can do this".  Plus, I care more about music rehearsals than school (I didn't say that, of course), so of course I had to go.

Went, had fun, back home, ate, looked at some Latin stuff.  Now it's getting late, so it's time for bed.  Slaapwel!

But before that, I just need to say:  I really, REALLY miss driving.  Getting used to public transit is a bit of a challenge I will say.  Last time I took the bus to school on a regular basis was like 3rd or 4th grade, so it's a bit weird for me.  So many people, everyone's pushing to get on so they can get the few spots where you can sit.  Loud, cramped, warm.  Not my style.  Plus having to wait for the bus in the morning.  Ugh.  Sure, it's nice when you go somewhere, and it's cheaper than a car, but it's really not that convenient.  And I like my space, and going at my speed, and picking the temp, and having my music (not in headphones, and not only there to drown out kids).  I'm going to be super excited once I'm able to drive again~ 


  1. I bet you miss punching the ceiling as you go through a yellow light too.

  2. What's the point of being in the school and the program if you're only going to be half-hearted about trying?