Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 29

Zondag, 4 September 2011

Slept in until like 1030 (I hate how that's "sleeping in" here :P).  Still really tired.  Ate, then went with Truut to a market and an adult art school.  She signed up for classes, and I tried to stay awake by looking at pieces on display.  Home, napped (thank goodness!).

Woke up, went to Patrick's dad's birthday party.  So, it was basically an hour of sitting awkwardly because I didn't know anyone (Marcela was in Brussels for the day), and I didn't speak Dutch.  Whatever, the cake was good.  Home, got ready for the concert.  Got picked up, did the concert.  It was really fun - I like performing pieces for people.  It was all good, except the director (the guy I sit next to in the group in my city) had the announcer talk about me, and then they made me stand up.  Really awkward.  And I didn't know what they were saying and I wasn't sitting next to anyone I knew, so I couldn't ask what was being said.  UGH.  And I had to play a Sousa piece - not my favorite.

After, had a drink and talked to a guy from the group I played in.  He asked a bunch of questions about the US, which was really fun to answer.  We talked for probably close to an hour, before I left for home.  Had dinner, wrote this, and now it's bed time.  Slaapwel!

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  1. Bahhhhhh. Sousa. Obviously, you know the only other person who dislikes Sousa as much as you.