Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 32

Woensdag, 7 September 2011

A month ago, I landed in Belgium to start my year.  On one hand, it feels like it's gone by really fast; on the other hand, it feels like I've been here forever (and on the other hand, no, there is no other hand!) (props to anyone that can place that quote).  And I haven't gained (or lost, actually) any weight yet!  WHOO!

Woke up, went to school.  AML first - I got a few notes during the listening exercises!  And there was a song we had to sing, and it was in 7/8, and it switched how it had to be counted (first it was 3-2-2, then 2-2-3).  I felt like I did slightly better at conducting than some of the other kids (did I mention we had to mini conduct when we sing?  Because we have to).  It's all thanks to doing zipcodes for so long during drumline my first year I think - never thought I'd be glad I spent hours repping 713112.  :P

Math, which was stats.  I could understand a bit, but that's just because I had stats my sophomore year.  Hopefully I get my books soon so I can start following along and translating.  Break, then English, which I rocked at again.  Then science, which was cell biology today.  I was going to take notes, but no one in my class was.  And then I realized I've never seen them take notes before.  It's weird.  I'm used to taking soo many notes for all of my classes so I had something to study from, and so I could remember what was said in class.  I found some of my history notes from last semester on my computer (Contemporary World History, <3), and it's pages long just from one class period.  Not used to not taking notes.

Anyway, home then because Wednesdays end after the 4th lesson (whoo!).  Marcela and I had lunch, and then bussed to Antwerpen.  Bus was 20 minutes late, and it's a 30 minute ride.  >.<  Then, walked the 25 minutes to the icecream shop, had icecream, walked 25 minutes back to the bus stop, and bussed home.  Truut thought we were silly to go through like 2 hours of bussing/walking for icecream, but honestly, it made my day.  I had time to read on the bus, and the icecream was totally worth it.

Had dinner, sorted through my school stuff, talked to a few people online, and now I'm just listening to some musicals before bed.  So excited to get to be before 10; I must be turning into my parents.  :P  But seriously, I've been so tired lately.  Not just normal tired, but like the sore throat, headache, eyes hurt tired (or I could be getting sick, dunno).  Not to mention the fact that my school book bag is pretty heavy, and it's a messenger bag, so all the weight is on one shoulder.  I may get a real one soon, but my bad shoulder is acting up again, so I don't want to strain it anymore than I have to until it stops clicking again.  So, that makes my muscles get all tight and then I get headaches just on the right side of my head.  :P

But anyway, enough complaining for the night.  Time for a few more songs and then sleeping!  Slaapwel!

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