Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 27

Vrijdag, 2 September 2011

So tired, gonna make this quick and probably grammatically incorrect.

Woke up and got ready, biked to the bus stop, took that to school (so, when I say "went to school" from now on, that's what it means).  Had tea on the bus with the thermos mama sent me.  Dutch class (didn't understand, sat there aimlessly), choir (we sang in French so I couldn't pronounce it well), break, Dutch again (still didn't understand), and some music class were we just went over a calendar, which I also couldn't understand.  Super tired by then.

My class then decided to try to teach me some Dutch by pointing at things and yelling what they were.  It was quite fun.  We left campus to get fries and a burger (they told me what to say for my order), but the line was too long so we went back to the school and had the lunches we packed.  I had to buy a Monster so I could stay awake during class - almost fell asleep before.  Then, another music class where the teacher was talking about a big project everyone in my class (expect me) has to do.  So, I just wrote in my notebook - mainly things about colleges, differences between Belgium and the US, questions I wanted to study, and anything else that I thought up.

After that was Art History, which I again couldn't understand, being it was in Dutch.  They had a little test to see what they knew, so I just doodled on my paper because I couldn't understand the questions.  He said next week he's showing pictures and talking, so I can at least pretend to pay attention, and I can just ask the person I sit next to to translate it.

I was then done for the day, seeing as how I don't have a 7th and 8th period on Fridays.  Whoo!  Went out shopping with two girls from my class (they got notebooks, I got a Dutch -> German travel phrase book; gonna write in the English so I have all three).  Bussed home, which was horrible.  The bus was so full, and it was hard to breathe - fairly hot today.  Home around 5ish, went online, etc etc, until dinner.  Then, got picked up for the other music group thing.  Went to that, it was pretty fun, besides the fact my contacts were utterly dried out by then.

Got home like 1120, which is why I'm tired - got up at like 630 this morning, and we were planning on leaving at like 6am tomorrow for a trip to the coast  (When Truut said we were leaving at 6 for the trip, I was like "ಠ_ಠ").  Thankfully, they just changed it to leaving at 9!  So, I can sleep, which is great because the Monster went through my system a long time ago, and I'm wiped.  Sorry if this entry is really  messed up, but I'm just writing and not proofing at all - typing what I think right away and then I'm done.  I just need my sleep.


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