Thursday, September 15, 2011

Forty Days

Yeah, I just needed a reason to plug Streetlight.  :P  

Donderdag, 15 September 2011

Woke up, school.  Had Geography first - I don't think the teacher knows I don't speak Dutch.  Ah well.  She's not the nicest anyway.  French next, so I read a bit more of my magazine.  :)  Break, then the music class were we have to write a pop song.  Just worked up ideas today.  Math next, worked on my triangles again.  The teacher said he could bring me some books about math that are in English, so that's nice.

Lunch, ate with Santi again.  They were selling strawberries at lunch for 1,50 euros a container  (and they were BIG containers), so we both got one and got Marcela one to eat once she was allowed to join us.  Totally made my lunch period.  German next, which was fun.  The teacher is a blast, and I kinda remember it, so it's nice.  The teacher was sick for my next two classes (and apparently they don't get subs), so I didn't really have class.  Messed around with the cymbals for a period when my classmates were in the room, and then went to the library for the next two periods (I don't have a real 8th period on Thursdays).

Home, ate, read a few articles on cracked, and then rehearsal.  We actually got out a bit early, which was weird, but hey, I'm fine with having a few minutes more to sleep.  :P  Anyway, it's getting late (since when is 11 late for me?), so slaapwel!

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