Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 21

Zaterdag, 27 Augustus 2011

Woke up, ate, and then Marcela and I were out the door by 920 to leave for Antwerpen.  Bussed down there (yay buzzy pass!) and went to the zoo.  Marcela was complaining about how cold it was, and being I'm a Minnesotan, I was like, "It's not cold if you keep moving!" (I was wearing a tank top, no sweater).  So, we went to the zoo, thinking we'd have a bunch of fun.

Ugh.  Don't get me wrong, it's an amazing place, but I always get really sad.  The monkeys and elephants especially just looked so sad - I felt like crying when I saw them.  But after my anthropology class this past year, seeing any type of chimp, monkey, or other primate in a cage just makes me unbearably sad.  Add on the fact that the wind picked up quite a bit and it was raining, and it made it a pretty awful day.  I got to the point where my teeth were almost chattering, but I wasn't shivering and I didn't feel cold at all, meaning that I was super cold (it's weird, but it happens quite often).

See, the zoo is pretty if you don't see the sad animals

So, around 1 or so we left the zoo, got some food, and walked around Antwerpen.  Marcela was super cold (she only had on a tank top and a light sweater thing), so she bought like three jacket/sweater things.  I couldn't find any hoodies on clearance, so I just bought a button up short sleeve shirt (I wouldn't admit it to her, but I was pretty cold as well).  The shirt is so obnoxiously colored; I love it.  We put on our new clothes, and then walked to the icecream store, which was thankfully open.  Couldn't finish the icecream (we vowed to share next time).

Walked down to the water, saw a tour group of old asian ladies.  Oh my goodness they were so adorable.  They were getting a group picture when this guy jumped in front and struck a pose.  They thought it was hilarious, and let him stay in the picture.  He walked away, probably to continue walking with his family, but they pulled him back in, and made him take even more pictures.  They seriously wouldn't let him go!  And when they were finally done taking pictures, they all kept giving him handshakes and such.  It was adorable.

He was a good sport about it though.

After bumming around the water for a bit, it started to look like it was going to rain AGAIN, so we booked it back to the bus stop.  Bussed home, and got back in the house around like 620 or so.  Skyped with the parents, two of the dogs and one of the cats.  Was pretty fun.  Not much to say though considering I write all my adventures on here every night, so they know what's going on in my life, and nothing terribly exciting seems to happen back home.

Had dinner (we had to fend for ourselves), read a bit, and watched a movie with Truut and Patrick.  Marcela went to a party, but I haven't been feeling the greatest (probably from the fast food, rain, and cold today), so I didn't go.  Plus I spent waaay too much money today (stupid zoo being like 20 euros), and I did not want to spend more.  But partway through the movie, Truut's sister's dog ended up at the house - no one was at his house, and he's apparently afraid of thunder.  I was soooo happy!  I was just sitting on the ground petting him until his owner showed up.  I almost cried when he left - I miss my dogs so much!  I can't believe it's still over like 300 days until I see them again.  :(

I mean, at least with people they can understand when you say you'll be gone for a year, but then you'll be back.  And you can talk to them over the year - everything is fine and dandy.  But with animals, you can't explain it.  All they know is that you are usually there everyday, loving them and whatnot, and now you're not there at all.  And if you skype with them, they can just hear your voice - you can't pet them at all.  So they're probably like, "Why is she talking to me and not petting me?  Did I do something wrong?".  It makes me so sad to think about!  It reminds me of that episode of Futurama where Fry's dog just waits for him everyday.  Watching that scene (or thinking about it) makes me tear up so much.  Uuugh, only three weeks in and I'm tearing up missing my animals.  THIS IS NOT GOOD.  (This doesn't mean I don't miss the people too, but hey, at least we can talk on facebook - my animals haven't learned how to type yet).

Anyway, talked on facebook (hi Megan!), and now I think it's time for bed.  Slaapwel!

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  1. Don't worry! Fry's dog ended up meeting up with him again in another episode when Fry's clone (or something) stayed back in the year 2000. That'll totally happen for you.

    Love you!

    - Megan