Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 239

Maandag, 2 April 2012

Got up, had a nice breakfast, and then I went and figured out all the train/bus info in case there wasn't any internet at the hotels.  Talked with Frederik and Denise a bit, and then Denise drove us to Hoogstraten.  Got a bus there - first time my parents used public transit here, and the first time I'd have to use one of those little cards to pay (since I have a Buzzy Pass).  Pretty fun.

Got to Turnhout, and I showed them all three schools (Dutch, normal, and where I used to go for Latin).  Made them try a Bicky Burger (I don't think mama liked it that much, but she tried), fries, chocolate, and a waffle.  Walked around and talked, went to a pub, and I think dad found a new type of whiskey he likes (seeing as there's no Lord Calvert here).  Then, we actually went to a movie.  Yes, I know.  But hey, I thought it'd be cool to show them how there are the subtitles, and they wanted to sit down, so it was perfect.  Saw "This Means War", which was actually a pretty good movie.  Predictable, but fun.

After that, bused back to Meerle, picked up our bags, and then Denise drove us to Lille.  Checked into our hotel, which is absolutely amazing.  It's such an amazing room.  Then, as we had nothing to do for dinner, we thought we'd go say hi to Truut and Patrick and ask where would be a good place to go for dinner.  Truut just invited us to stay and she ordered Chinese food, and we all sat around talking waiting for Patrick to get home so we could eat.

Had dinner, which was fun, and then starting drinking more (after just a bit during and before dinner).  Patrick had my parents try Duvel and two different types of Jenever, and Truut had my mom try some of her homemade porto.  Great night, lots of laughing, and we found a type of Jenever my dad really likes.  Then back to the hotel, slept.

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