Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 262

Woensdag, 25 April 2012

Normal day.  Music listening class, played "Hard Day's Night" by the Beatles, so that was cool.  Period in the library where I studied some microecon, then English where we had a test on two books I haven't read (though they read parts and saw the movie) - it was funny, like halfway through the test the teacher noticed I was pondering the questions and she's just like, "Oh shoot, you weren't here for this, were you?".  I obviously responded with a negative, so she took the test away.  She read through the answer I did, came back, and was like, "Have you ever read the book before?  Because this answer is right."  I said I just read the overview right before class (my classmate had her notes out and I wanted to read something), so she just gave me the test back and told me to try.  And I gotta say, I made up a lot on that test, it was like a creative writing test :P  Then a period in the cafeteria, since the teacher was gone.  Just read my book, but I started laughing so much I thought they would kick me out.  :P

Went home, napped for a bit.  Did some emailing, had dinner, and then went upstairs to chill out (Senne and I were the only ones home).  Now, I suppose it's time for bed - school thing all day tomorrow, yay :/


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