Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 246

Maandag, 9 April 2012

Got to sleep in a bit, which was nice.  We all got ready, ended up waiting on Collin's friends in the lobby of the hotel.  Got a bus to the station (it was raining, of course), and got our bus tickets for the week, which for some reason took FOREVER.  Said goodbye to Collin's friends, and then got our bus to Bath, which thankfully was delayed long enough for us to catch it.

Ride was kinda long, especially since we hadn't eaten and the bus driver wasn't too concerned about smooth driving.  In Bath, dropped our stuff at Collin's dorm, and then had a great meal at KFC.  Went back to his place and he took my parents (with their luggage) to a hostel where they would be staying.  I stayed at the dorm, called my community college (there was a block that wouldn't let me register for summer classes, got it all figured out), talked with my other brother that's still in the states, just chilled out.

Collin came back, we watched the first episode of the second season of "Game of Thrones", played some video games, ate, watched some comedians.  Fun stuff.  Now, it's time for bed!  Slaapwel!

Oh, and Collin gave me my birthday gift - a sweet shirt and a hat and chocolate.  Yeeeaaaa mufffiiiiinnnnss

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