Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 247

Dinsdag, 10 April 2012

Got up fairly early, so Collin and I walked to Krispy Kreme since I haven't had it in ages.  Stopped back at his dorm, and then walked up the hill to the hostel where mom and dad were staying.  Got them, and then we all walked up to the uni, got to see the school a bit.  It was pretty small, but really nice.  Gave a good chance to talk about my college plans with mom and dad.

Walked back down the hill, messed around in town.  Saw some nice things, ate, went to the Roman Baths which is kinda the whole reason for the town, walked up to a really nice sightseeing spot, walked back down, got a bus back to the hostel.  Collin and I took a shower there since the hot water doesn't work at his dorm, and then we walked back down to the city.  Messed around some more, went to a pub to kill time before a comedy walk we were going on.  And goodness, the beer was bad.  I hadn't realized how spoiled I was by living in Belgium.

So, we left that pub, went to another one - way better.  Better service, better everything.  The bartender was really funny, so it was easy to spend time there.  Then, at 8, we went on the "Bizarre Bath Comedy Walk".  It was actually really, really funny.  I got called on to do some audience participation once, it was great.  The speaker guy didn't understand "don'tcha know", so that was a bit of a bummer.

Dropped mom and dad off at the bus stop, where we met some more Americans (we met a lady during the comedy walk too), so that was fun.  Collin and I went to Miccy D's, got a bit of food, and then walked back to his dorm.  Tried to watch some comedy, but both of us were too tired, so we just went to sleep.

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